April 25th, 2009:
Ah, country living: power out for 2 days.

While working on restoring our 20+ year-old lawn tractor and replacing the rear brakes on my WRX, the power went out in spectacular fashion. Wind gusts upwards of 70 mph and airsoft-sized hail beat up the Brighton area. Apparently, downed trees caused a transformer fire in Livingston County and left thousands without power. While I was able to continue with my projects in the shop, I had to make do without lights or the convenience of my air tools.

The hum of our neighbor’s generators made sleeping difficult and the next day (Sunday) arrived without electricity. After a quick check on our sump, I decided it was best to drag out our hand-me-down generator that is likely even older than our lawn tractor. I topped off the oil, added some fuel and it started right up. Emulating Brad, we powered our fridge, sump, cable modem, router, and a laptop. We were able to download the Bahrain F1 race (since our Media Center was out of commission and unable to record it) and watch it before ending the day. Power returned by evening, and it looks like everything is back to normal.

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