March 26th, 2009:
Xbox helps you make friends.

We’ve owned a PS3 for several months. I’ve played PS3 games online twice. That’s fine and all because it’s the best damn BluRay player that you can get for the price… especially considering the bluetooth remote. In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter in our family room, I moved our Vista Media Center computer and our digital cable box to another room. In their place, we’ve acquired an XBox 360 to use as a media center extender. It’s excellent: outperforming a dedicated extender device twice over as well as providing HD Netflix streaming. If that isn’t enough, in one night, Gina has already spent more time playing a game (Uno) on it than our PS3… and she earned 45 achievement points. Sadly, I’ve only earned 15 thus far. Pwned.

I haven’t been able to find anyone playing games online (PC or PS3) that I wanted to join. They’ve all switched from FPS games to MMORPGs and RTS. The few PS3 friends that I have are either playing Karoake or sports games. I really liked going home and hanging out with my friends while playing games (especially because we all live pretty far apart these days and also because we all got some of the awesome new gadgets at progamerreview.com). In the one night that we’ve had the XBox, Brad spent almost an hour explaining the XBox interface and XBox live system to me. Additionally, he shared the gamertags of friends that have XBoxes as well… which already outnumbers the PS3 friends I have. Plus, the XBox users actually play games on their consoles… not just sing Karaoke and play videos. (Yes… I’m talking about you, Paul.)

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