March 3rd, 2008:
Basement project progress. Living room redecoration.

Christian and my dad came over to lend us a hand with the basement rough framing. We got several walls up, including the wall for the acoustically transparent screen. Christian also helped us plan the bar area (really great ideas). I can’t emphasize how important it was to get my brother’s expertise. There are things he does out of habit that I would have spent hours trying to figure out.

A week ago, Gina and I painted an accent wall in our living room. It gives the room a much more modern look, but still has a touch of a retro feel. It’s hard to explain. Regardless, the room’s layout didn’t quite fit the feel of the room any more. Yesterday, we spontaneously rearranged the room and it work much better. The fireplace is now a focal point and it’s much easier to interact with others. Once the rest of the redecorating is done (Blik decals, curtains, etc.), I’ll post some photos.

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