November 12th, 2007:
Boot Camp: Leopard and Vista sitting in a tree.

I’m in the process of getting Vista set up on my bootcamp partition. Here’s a little tip out there for the edgy kids on the block: use 32-bit Vista. I’m sure that someone out there figured out a way to get 64-bit working with some kind of devil dance in the moonlight, but if you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, stay 32-bit. I run 64-bit on non-Mac desktop at home with no issues. Apparently, I lucked out with the hardware in that box having 64-bit drivers available. The bootcamp drivers on the other hand, are strictly 32-bit compatible.

Leopard, on the other hand, is absolutely lick-able. The big features are great (such as time machine and spaces), but the stuff that really stands out are the unified interface, simplified control panels, and much better Rosetta (PPC-emulation) support.

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