May 7th, 2007:
WHRRI 2007 Race 1 complete. New Driveway.

I picked up right where last season ended. I dropped a few tenths off of my best time last year, but I was hoping for even better improvements. There’s a lot that my car needs, but I know there’s a second to be lost by driving better. I’d rather drive better with less horsepower and handling… then add the power rather than learn to rely on it. However, if anyone would like to donate a prepped IT motor, limited slip and new transmission, I would gladly accept it and plaster you name ALL OVER my car.

Last week, Gina contacted Priess Outdoor Supply to give us a quote on an additional driveway by our shop. The price sounded good and they said it could be done this week. On Monday at 8:30 they told us they were on their way. In a few hours, we had a new driveway, extra drainage, and a better landscape grade behind the shop. I’m impressed. It looks a little barren right now, but by mid summer, the ground cover should recover. Never-the-less, it will be a lot easier to get out race trailer in and out of the yard!

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