February 26th, 2007:
Meezer returns to the vet. Trailer is freed.

Sebastian had a re-occurance of the blockage just 2 weeks after his last visit to the vet. He may have to have further preventative surgery. (Each trip to the vet is very expensive because of the need for anesthetic.) He’s lucky we like him… I’ll say that much!

A few months ago, I managed to get my van and trailer stuck in the back yard. The trailer was never stuck, but the van’s 2-wheel drive and touring tires are no match for the mud. So, Glenn came over last weekend with his 4WD F250 (if Darth Vader had a truck, it would be this one) and freed the trailer in a few minutes. It’s now safely parked on the concrete in front of our shop. Afterwards, we played tennis on a Wii to celebrate. (No, we aren’t lucky enough to have one, but my team at work shares one and we get to take turns with it on the weekend. Yes, my team is that cool.)

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