January 23rd, 2007:
Battlefield 2142, Trailer vs. Shop, Power Outages etc.

As noted in one of the posts (lost due to hardware failure) previously, I’ve been playing a good amount of Battlefield 2142 online. Most of this is to counter my Airsoft withdrawl. As with most things, you get better with experience. I’m still nowhere near my airsoft compatriots’ rank, but I’m working my way up… slowly:

Race season is getting closer and I’ve done very little to my car. A few weeks ago, I tried pulling my trailer from alongside our shop to transport the race car to SkyTek for roll cage modifications and setup. It had been raining for a few days, and the yard was pretty muddy. About 1/2 way out, the van lost traction and I snagged the corner trim of the shop on one of the trailer’s awning supports. No damage to the trailer, and nothing that couldn’t be fixed quickly with the help of “Iron” Dan Davidson and his dad (along with their aluminum break and some spare trim material). Now the trailer is stranded in the middle of our yard waiting for either frozen, but snow-less, ground or a complete thaw and dry.

An ice storm last week took out our power for a day. Luckily, Gina was out of town at a conference in Colorado… nice and warm… mostly. I was at home in observance of Dr. M.L. King Day, so I was able to enjoy the brisk temperatures. By early afternoon, power was back. A day later, the furnace had some issues. A home warranty call later and the repairman identified the issues. We’re back up and running, but the permanent fix depends upon a part to be delivered some time this week.

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