January 31st, 2006:
Home improvements. House hunt. Next airsoft skirmish scheduled.

Gina and I spent the previous 2 weekends finishing the ceiling trim on the 2nd floor. The irony of this is that the 2nd floor was the first project started in this house. I re-finished the floors and replaced the ceiling and electrical. I just never got around to doing the trim work. It was a complicated task full of compound mitred angles. However, it looks great now that it’s done. The house has never been so “done” before. No somebody just needs to buy it!

We’ve been looking for homes in the areas of Brighton, Milford, and even Ypsilanti. I’ve already chosen a “favorite,” but Gina is helping me keep a level head about it. We plan on getting an offer on our current home before making one on a new house.

In other news, a group of us will be running around in the woods of Howell on the 18th of February with BB guns. We’ve learned a bit since our first match, and hope that the conditions are a little less snowy this time.

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