October 2nd, 2005:
Fun at WHRRI: Enduro and Pursuit Races.

WHRRI held a special post-season race weekend. No points, no egos, just good racing. A club canceled thier rental of the track, but the emergency personel, etc. were already booked. So a small committee organized a 1 1/2 hour enduro race and a pursuit for WHRRI members. Simply put, the enduro allowed for a team to put 1 closed-wheel car out on the track for 90 minutes, with a mandatory 7-minute pit stop. There was no limit to stops, drivers, etc. The winner of the even was a 2-driver RX-7. EVeryone had fu, and more importantly, it went without incident.

The pursuit was pretty interesting as well. Based on the best time from a race on Saturday, all open wheel participants were put on the grid from slowest to fastest. They were then released onto the track staggered by time. For example, if the 10th place driver finished 1 second slower than the 9th place driver (on their best laps), then the 10th place driver would begin the 15 lap pursuit race 15 seconds ahead of the 9th place driver (1 second per lap). Glenn, my father-in-law, was driving his Spec Racer Ford against Formulas and Sports Racers (very fast cars). But was very consistent. He started second to last, but won the race by half a lap.

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