September 10th, 2005:
Rock Financial 20th Anniversary Party

Rock Financial/Quicken Loans took over Cleveland yesterday. They shipped us all out in buses (with our families), gave us passes to just about every attraction in Cleveland (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Science Museum, Zoo, etc.), and set us loose until 7:30. At 7:30 They opened the Quicken Loans Arena (formerly Gund Arena) and let us have any concessions we wanted (beer, booze, nachos, sandwiches, pizza, etc.). One part of the arena floor was open for anyone to play basketball that wanted. The other was set up for a mystery concert. The mystery performers turned out to be the “Black Eyed Peas.” They put on a hell of a show… no phoning in on this one. After they closed their set, Kid Rock came out and told us how cool the company was and performed an a cappella rendition of Cowboy. An after-hours party took place in the area formerly set up for basketball. DJ Skribble spun and Lebron James made an appearance. After that things started to blend together (I was enjoying the libations). I do remember getting on the bus back to the hotel… about a 2 minute ride. It was an amazing 20th Anniversary party. [Pictures Soon]

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