September 7th, 2005:
Race car update.

Race Car Update! Well, the rear suspension is just about done on our Neon… excluding a single broken rear sway bar bolt. (Some bolt extractor love should fix that.) The rear drum brakes have been replaced with disks. The e-brake and dust shields are no more (all weight, no need). Chris “I do what the voices in my pants tell me to do” Childs hooked me up with a ton of parts (with urethane bushings already in place!) as well as using his connections to get my ECM re-flashed with the SOHC Mopar Performance maps.

Next on the list are:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Front Suspension
  • Safety Gear (seat, harness, net…)

Stay Tuned! Photos might make their way to this site eventually.

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