May 1st, 2005:
Florida. Car stuff. Tiger. No classes this summer (as opposed to no class this summer).

A couple of weekends ago, Gina and I had a last-minute opportunity to spend a few days in Florida. So we did. The weather was awesome and the lodging arrangements were plush to say the least. Then, we came back to Michigan… where it was snowing…

Over the past few weekends, I’ve been able to give my car a little tlc. I installed the Exhaust Gas Temp. gauge (average highway EGTs are ~1300 degrees), replaced the lame nylon boost gauge hose with standard plumbing, and applied ceramic caliper paint while replacing the very aggressive brake pads with fresh, more streetable ones. Someday I might even wash the darn thing!

Gina and I visited the Novi Apple Store on the day of Tiger’s release. We purchased a family pack and won zip at the door. I went back to the store while Gina did some shopping, and turned down another door prize ticket (since I already had my chance)… and the guy behind me was an “instant winner”… so I guess my karma pool gets +1. Tiger is feature rich and smooth. I’ve only upgraded my powerbook as the Cisco VPN client we use at work is not yet compatible with 10.4. So far, the interface is more reponsive and the new features are nice, but that might be attributed to the fresh install. We’ll see what happens when I upgrade my G5.

After completing 2-straight semesters at Wayne State, I’ve decided to take the summer off and regain some sanity. I have 5 classes left and I hope to finish in just over a year. I still stand by my decision to return to school, but dislike it nonetheless.

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