April 5th, 2005:
Pimp my Mac. Panther Server + Security Update = No Mail.

First, let’s start on a happy note. I pimped my G5. For less than a super-sized lunch, I snagged a set of cold cathode lights from ThinkGeek and installed them in my G5. The results are quite stunning.

On Monday, I installed Apple Security Update 2005-003 on my OS X Server. Tuesday night, my father called me to let me know that his email didn’t work. I assumed that it was a hiccup related to rebooting the server following the security update. When I looked into it further, I discovered this was more serious. I rolled back to 10.3.8, with no luck. However, I found this MacFixIt article [google cache], followed the instructions from the Apple Knowledge Base link and viola, Mail is back.

Apparently this is related to an update to the Cyrus mail subsystem. If I’m feeling masochistic tonight, I’ll try re-installing the security update with the cyrus DB fix (above) in place. If it works, I’ll post my success, if it fails, I’ll drown my disappointment in bourbon.

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