February 20th, 2005:
Gettin’ the band back together.

Gina and I had our first date after she tried out for a band that I play guitar in: Rogerbox. The band has been a pretty significant part of our lives over the past few years. In December of 2003 we lost our drummer, Eric, to job prospects in Ohio. We auditioned a few drummers, and a few months after Eric left, we brought Andy on board. He too left the band to pursue his career and we were left without a percussion section once again. After Andy left, we posted some signs and updated our website to find a new drummer. We had a few bites from musicians with a lot of experience. However, they wanted to make money playing shows. We’re not really in it for the money, and as soon as we shared this morsel with our prospects, they faded away.

A few weeks ago, Eric called and expressed his desire to get together and practice. We did just that. After a couple of practices, it feels like old times again. We’re a little rusty, but things are coming together well.

We haven’t talked about where this might lead, but I think we could pull things together and play a show relatively soon. We’ve had a few calls during our hiatus, and it wouldn’t be difficult to book a show or two.

When we stopped playing, something was missing. I wasn’t sure if it was the social aspect or the extra “free time…” In any event, it feels good to be playing out with other musicians again.

I recently purchased an inexpensive “sonic maximizer” that has made a world of difference in my guitar tone. It clarifies my sound without much effort, it’s compact, and easy to use. I highly recommend this piece of equipment to anyone looking to clean up their sound without a large investment (new guitar). Even more, I’m hoping to use this new tool in an upcoming show… whenever that me be. I hope to see you there. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming performances.

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