January 17th, 2005:
Frozen man found on Brad’s front lawn.

Brad’s tenants found a frozen homeless man on the easement in front of his Redford rental property. A soon as word spread, a discussion erupted. The summary is: a friend of a tenant picked her up around 11:30 pm. The friend noticed a “shape” that she assumed was a knocked over garbage can. (This happens a lot near Beech Daly… tipped over garbage cans… not frozen bodies.) Around 1:30 am, the friend drove Brad’s tenant home. At that point, they noticed that the shape was a person. The tenant immediately ran inside and had he boyfriend check for any response. None. The body was frozen solid. Police and EMS responded immediately. There were no signs of trauma, and it is assumed that the man (estimated to be in his 50s) was overcome by the cold when he failed to find shelter.

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