December 12th, 2004:
Home Media Center Part 3 is here! Return of the Newton.

Part 3 of the MythTV vs. XP MCE is up. This part focuses on the TV/PVR features of each solution. I should mention that I never personally evaluated Tivo. I am sure that it is a great solution for many folks. A subscription is not required, but adds some important features… but there are many ways to work around the subscription. I already had the hardware (for the most part), and I wanted to browse the web and play some games… so Tivo wouldn’t cut it for me.

Once again, I’ve dug out my Newton and am trying to justify uses for it. It is still, by far, the best PDA I’ve ever owned. (I’ve had 3 Palm Pilots and a PocketPC.) It’s handwriting recognition is stellar, and it’s interface is intuitive and quick. It’s just to damn huge. I’ve destroyed jacket pockets carrying this thing around. Please, Apple, release a new device that his smaller and lighter with a big screen. For now, I’ll continue to telnet and email from my beloved Newton while I carry out all other personal organization with my Palm Zire. (I’m a sell-out.)

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