November 27th, 2004:
New article. Snow on Thanksgiving. Gina begins the final leg of her graduate work.

After far to long, I’ve finally added a new article. I’ve made up for my procrastination with a doozie. It’s a 4 part piece detailing the process of evaluating a few home media center options. I’ll post each section as I complete the editing and layout… most likely a day or 2 apart.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, as has the day-after-Thanksgiving shop-o-thon. Gina and I had dinner with my family at my Aunt Sharon’s house. Nice, simple, and relaxing… not to mention the good eats. Michigan delivered a little snow. Not enough to complicate travel, just enough to remind us that we are, in fact, still in Michigan. Sigh.

Gina has been putting in 12-18 hour days finishing her doctoral thesis. She is completing her graduate research in neuroscience at U of M. I’m sure she’s looking forward to getting her defense behind her and continuing with her career. I’ve always been fascinated with the microscope imagery she captures. In fact, I’ve decided to use these images as the basis for my next (and hopefully final) painting project at Wayne State.

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