November 18th, 2004:
Win XP MCE 2005 vs. KnoppMyth

I’ve been using computer-based tv (and recording it) since 1996. Yeah, I know, worship me for being so ahead of the trend. I started with an Xclaim TV on my Power Mac 7500, then a bt878-based PCI card in a Windows PC (using MS Web TV for listings). I moved on to an EyeTV about 2 years ago (using Watson for my TV listings/program guide). Well, Watson is no longer available, so automated recording is little more difficult than I like… not to mention the hassle of running into my home office to record something.

I’ve been thinking about Tivo, MythTV, and Windows MCE for a while now. I’ve seen Tivo in action at George and Jenny’s and Windows MCE at the house of Lloyd. I should have MythTV up and running tonight on some surplus hardware.

Considering that Tivo would cost $100-$200 after rebate + monthly subscription fees, and MCE is ~$130 for the software (plus hefty hardware requirements), Myth is looking very tempting. Not to mention, KnoppMyth makes it pretty idiot proof. So, it’s a deathmatch: MCE vs. MythTV. More to come…

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