September 23rd, 2004:
Fall is upon us. School update.

This past week we observed the official last day of summer. I find it ironic that the weather for the past and next weeks are overall better than we had during said summer.

Juggling school, work, and my personal life is starting to take a toll. I’m trying to adjust, but am finding it difficult. Work demands that I’m avaliable all the time “just in case.” School demands that I’m done with my projects on time. Therefore, my personal life is destined to suffer most. My class for this semester is Fine Art Painting. A lot of liberal arts, science, and technology majors hear that and instantly think, “Painting, eh? That sounds like fun.” Nope. It’s Mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. 6 hours per week in studio at school and a minimum of 3 hours outside of studio are to be spent painting. Each project last about 3 weeks. It is difficult to just start painting. You have to be in a certain mindset… almost like writing a short story. Once you start, it demands your full attention. On top of the painting, we’re required to deliver at least one paper (albeit a short one) within the same timeline. It looks like I’ll be limited to one studio or 2 academic class per semester. With 21 credits to complete, chiseling off 3 – 6 at a time seems like forever.

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