September 12th, 2004:
Mid-Ohio Raceway update. Back in school.

Last weekend, Glenn returned to Mid-Ohio with Gina and I in tow. He finished mid-field both days. The competition was was impressive… as was their equipment. Glenn expressed that he learned a lot about the course and logged his fastest time to-date. The paddock area was full of semi, fancy trailers, and very nicely painted and prepped racecars. A few of the big-money cars spotted include a Viper GT-R, a couple of SRT-4s (Chris, of Rogerbox “fame,” works for the team that preps these), a nice Porsche GT-4, a Camaro GT-1, a 350Z GT-2, as well as a flock of Vettes and Formulas.

I re-enrolled at Wayne State. Classes began last week. I have a handful of classes that I have to complete to get my degree, so I figured it’s now or never. So far, it has proven to be difficult to leave work in time to make it downtown. I hope the life-consuming projects at work don’t conflict too much with the workload at school. Fun.

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