August 29th, 2004:
Gina goes to Montana. I am at one with my data.

Gina is away at a neuroscience conference in a resort in Montana. They meet in small groups, talk about very small things (neurons, blood cells, etc.) for a few hours, then hit the sauna. I hear the meals aren’t so good, though. I’ve promised to keep a photo-journal of my week alone. If safe, I’ll post it up for all to see.

My calendars are in sync… as are my contact lists and bookmarks. From Entourage (Outlook) to iCal, to Palm Pilot, to cell phone. iSync keeps it that way. This is the first solution that really works. Although .Mac is required for work-to-home synchronization, it’s worth the $8 per month. Not to mention the backup software, email, and other goodies you get as part of .Mac.

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