July 12th, 2004:
Ugly windows finally replaced. Clapton concert tonight.

Gina and I spent the weekend making some much needed updates and repairs to our front porch. The original louvered-style Florida windows that occupied the front of the porch nearly kept me from looking at the house before I bought it. Five years later, they have finally been replaced with standard storm windows. (20% chance of checking out the porch via the random cam.) Removing the old windows was easier than expected, however the new ones required a good amount of custom framing. Just about 2 hours after the last coat of paint went on the framing, it started to rain… and continued until mid afternoon on Monday. That evening, Gina and I hung the new windows in their frames. Much better.

My brother, mom, and myself are taking my dad to see Eric Clapton tonight (father’s day present). I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t seen EC in at least 7 years. Good times.

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