May 24th, 2004:
Storm hits… shed flies.

Gina and I spent many hours, dollars, and brain cells repairing, cleaning, sanding, painting, and re-roofing our shed. (Garages are for cars, sheds are for lawn mowers.) As most of are aware, it’s been quite stormy in the midwest. While everyone at work was huddled against the windows [Picture 1] watching the big storm (I know… storm + windows = bad), I got a text message from Gina: “Shed off foundation. Call Me.”

I called and confirmed that the shed had “moved” from it’s original location. I let work a little early and returned home to find this scene. [Picture 2] [Picture 3]

With a little help from Brad and my trusty old lawn tractor, we pulled the shed back over and back into place. [Picture 4] [Picture 5]

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