May 9th, 2004:
Busy weekend: Mac fix-it, birthday, graduations, autocross, mother’s day.

Gina and have been trying to compensate for our busy weekday schedule by cramming as many events into a weekend as possible. Last weekend took this to a new level. As a favor for a friend, I drove 30-odd miles to help a family with their 4-year-old iMac. After a quick stop at home, we went out to the Waterford area to wish my father-in-law a happy birthday and a happy mother’s day to Gina’s mom. (At least that part of the day was relaxing… apart from the on-call page I got from my office… feh…) We were then off to scenic Flint, MI to congratulate a friend of Gina’s on her graduation from dental school. We capped off our evening with a visit to another friend in Flint to meet the newest addition to their family.

Sunday was a little less hectic, although, in the long run, far more punishing. Gina and I packed for the season-opening autocross at the Willow Run Powertrain plant in Ypsilanti. All reports indicated rain… all day… lots of rain. We had our raincoats, hats, and pants… al set, right? Wrong. Sunshine all day long. No sunblock. The two of us are country-style crispy, hold the cole-slaw. Ow. Brad and Melissa were with us at the autocross, and Brad had to call in sick today. I’m betting that he’s in even worse shape than Gina and I. (His driving heat was the last one of the day, keeping him in the sun 2 hours longer than we were exposed.)

The autocross was fun. I improved on my times and learned what not to do, as well as a little about how my tires react as they heat up. My times were better than a few more experienced drivers… which is a nice ego boost, but I still have a lot to work on.

After the autocross and a quick top at home, we were off to the east side to celebrate mother’s day with my family. Overpriced buffet at a waterfront restaurant… feh. After all of that it was nice to get home and relax… for about 10 minutes… before heading to bed.

The end.

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