February 19th, 2004:
New site at work. Getting warmer outside.

At 3am this morning, we began our rollout of the new site based on PHP. We’re still using servlets and XSLT for most of the applications (forms, validation), but everything else is php. First off, it’s nearly 20 times faster and 1/100th the load on the server (no exaggeration). Second off, the php part of the deployment now takes roughly 5 minutes, including transfer time to the servers in another state. (Java/XSLT deployments averaged 1.5 to 3 hours.) The only issues we have had are with network settings and XSLT/Java uptime/speed. PHP is officially rock solid in an enterprise environment. Oh… I almost forgot to mention that we haven’t even turned on ZPS yet. I’m just glad that Gina hasn’t gotten sick of my ~12-16 hour/day (+ weekends) work schedule in the past 6 weeks.

It officially above 40 degrees in Michigan! If I don’t get outside soon, I may pop.

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