February 3rd, 2004:
Busy as hell.

Work has been beyond insane. I estimated that our new site would be done by the end of February. Apparently, the only part that “another department” heard was February… so that’s when they set our deadline… February 4th. Due to delays in that “other department”, we got details and specs 6 weeks late. Yet, they tried to keep us to that deadline. As that day approached, the “other department” continued to add and make changes to their spec. On top opf that, some of the execs wanted to change a few things. So, we’ve been able to push the deadline back two weeks. Great. All in all, we would have the site “done” on the 4th, but not tested. Not a good thing to throw into production. Total development time: 3 weeks, 4 people. Complete financial website.

Gina and I took a break last Friday and Saturday adn attended the Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta, MI. Good times. The roads were bad… we ended up in 2 7-foot snow drifts. No damage… just some digging. The action in the race was just as good, even without the factory sponsored rally teams. [Pictures Part 1] [Pictures Part 2]

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