January 5th, 2004:
New Years. New Basement. New Video Accelerator.

Gina and I rang in the New Year with the inaugural “Redford Dinner Club” meeting at Brad’s place. Fun, fun. However, I was feeling a little under the weather from the start, so we called it a night relatively early.

We made up for that early night with an early morning start on our basement-remodeling project. With some slightly used commercial carpet, a lot of cutting and trimming, a good bit of taping, and lot of patience, we have a more presentable entertainment area. It took 2 solid days of work, but the end result is worth it. I also finished of the last remaining detail from last year’s project, the kitchen. A few edge tiles were missing near our counter. I admit, I’ve been putting this off for a while. I really wasn’t looking forward to trimming tiles individually with a dremel. All said and done, it wasn’t too hard… just a little time consuming.

The onboard GeForce4 MX in my gaming PC was sadly underpowered. I thought I would get by with the limited amount of gaming I do. But, since there’s a LAN party approaching and Gina and I tried to play Uru with little success, I’ve upgraded to an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro accelerator. Very nice. The one game I’ve been obsessed with recently is Need For Speed: Underground. Entire features appeared after installing the new card. Detailed 3D people swarm around your car when you win, lights and scenery blur when you hit the NO2, and generic Import models start each race. I am most assuredly ready to get my game on at the LAN party next week. (3DMark03 Results Here)

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