December 8th, 2003:
3 Weeks, 3 Rental Cars.

I rant about American-built (more specifically, Union-built) cars often. A lot of people are sick of it. Too bad. Gina’s car was rear-ended a month ago. Her insurance allows for her to have a rental car while her Subaru is repaired.

The first sh*tbox was a 1-year-old Taurus. It leaked oil all over our driveway. She traded that one for a brand new never-before-rented Grand Prix GT Widetrack. The thing had a lot of useless features… and nothing else. Poor acceleration, poor comfort, poor handling. Yesterday, I noticed it buzzing. Yes, “buzzing.” It sounded like the fuel pump was on, even though the car had been parked for a day. Gina dismissed this as my normal pessimistic paranoia. However, this morning, as she attempted to rush to work, she found the car unable to start. Blah-blah rental car blah. Bullsh*t. It’s brand new. It’s a crappy-made union heap of non-innovative crap. The rental company apologized and replaced it within 15 minutes. That’s great. However, they replaced it with another Taurus. I’ve asked that it not be parked in our driveway. Let it leak oil in the street.

I own 2 American cars. I love them. They’re both F-bodies. But, I wouldn’t want to have to rely on either of them daily. You’re welcome to your opinion. However, in my experience, U.S. auto manufacturers can’t do much to sway me. My parents last reliable car was a 78 Olds. Ever since then, they’ve gone through transmissions, electronics, and interior components like they were recycleable. Feh.

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