November 19th, 2003:
Winterized WRX… and a little bling for the winter…

Well, the winter wheels and tires are back on my WRX. I’ve also pulled the aftermarket electronic boost controller so I can datalog the car’s stock performance over the winter and into spring. I have plenty of summer data already. Once I have enough info about my fuel condition (rich/lean) and EGTs, I’ll decide on what I’m going to do with my uppipe and boost controller. The EBC was set pretty conservatively with boost coming in a little earlier than stock, but still hitting the same ~13.5 psig as stock. With the right logging, I’ll be able to decide on the best compromise between performance and reliability.

What else might I have up my sleeve? Most of my efforts will be concentrated on my Camaro for the coming year. However, I do plan to upgrade some of the induction components on my WRX (Samco IC hoses, turbo inlet, etc.) and some more exhaust work. I still have a pretty trick brake upgrade to complete, too. My wife promises to help me with it all now that our wedding responsibilities have tapered off.

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