November 5th, 2003:
Rogerbox (our band) is getting quite popular; 3 shows coming up. Rogerbox.net gets an update.

My head is kind of swimming right now. Our band, Rogerbox, has been booked for 3 new shows! We’re at Paycheck’s in Hamtramck this Friday. Later in November, we’re playing the I-Rock in Detroit. And, the first week in December, we’re playing at the Bullfrog in Redford. I guess having a simple demo (thanks to Scalici’s Lounge) really makes things happen. The more people we can get to the shows, the more shows we’ll be able to play. I hope to see everyone there! All of the dates and details are on Rogerbox.net.

In preparation for upcoming shows, I’ve updated the Rogerbox site. Roll over the image to see different menu options. Sign up for show, new tracks, and music download updates. Check out a few tracks from the above mentioned Scalici’s show. You can even buy your very own Rogerbox undies! I hope to have more info about the band itself available soon. Check it out.

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