October 27th, 2003:
OS X Panther release and reaction. Halloween and parties. Rogerbox playing in Hamtramck.

Last Friday, Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) was released. The Apple stores in the area held “Apple Events” to sell the hot black boxes. As required by the Apple Geek Union, I was there, standing in line with many other Mac users. I recognize that there’s not much other than a music concert that will make people line up for blocks. I sure as hell have never seen anyone line up for the new release of a Microsoft OS.

Panther is very cool. Smoother, faster, and packed with new features. I took advantage of the Apple Event discount and bought an iSight camera. It works very well, and was a breeze to set up. (I just plugged it in.)

Rogerbox played at a Halloween party last Saturday. The crowd enjoyed it, and we had a lot of fun in the laid-back environment. It was a “pimp and ho” themed party, and of course, the whole band was in costume, too.

Speaking of Rogerbox, we’re playing at Paycheck’s Lounge in Hamtramck, MI on November 7th. Details can be found on their site.

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