September 29th, 2003:
Watcha gonna do when they come for you…

I’m in my basement, almost ready to head up for bed, when I hear a “pop” outside. I figure it’s a firecracker, and go out with Kacey to investigate. Initially, there’s nothing going on. I walked back into my yard, and when I turned around, I noticed a figure standing across the street by a tree. My first guess what that somebody really had to “go.” I took a step forward, crunching some leaves. The man turned and I saw his uniform… the local police… holding a shotgun. His partner came in to view and asked if I heard a “gunshot.” I told him about the noise I came out to investigate as their radios began to squalk. Kacey and I went inside as they continued to patrol the neighborhood. This morning I checked a few local news sources and found nothing about the night’s events.

Personally, I plan to never use firecrackers in my neighborhood… ever.

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