September 21st, 2003:
Rogerbox show summary. Crickets bite.

Last Friday, we played a show at Scalici’s with Facture and Dirty New 6. We were well received, and Scalici’s asked asked us to come back again. However, 2 of the band members’ upcoming nuptuals may delay that a bit. 😉

Our set was recorded by Pete (from Rock City Studios) and is available from the Rogerbox site.

Saturday, I decided to cut my lawn. Normally, this is quite uneventful, but, as I was finishing up the push-mowing part, a friggin’ cricket bit me! A cricket! It hurt! Apparently they like cotton and wool, especially when it’s sweaty or stained by food. He just wanted a snack, and got a big chunk of my ankle instead. Bastard.

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