September 14th, 2003:
Bachelor party… aftermath and/or lack thereof…

Last Friday Gina’s fellow lab-workers and her “boss” threw us a very cool “bar shower” foreshadowing our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties the next day. It was very nice our hosts had great food (including yak… as in the buffalo-type thing… tastes like beef…) and drinks for everyone and we got a great selection of bar accessories and drink ingredients.

As mentioned, our bachelor/bachelorette parties were this past Saturday. The men started out a litle earlier than the ladies, 9am. That’s right 9-the-freakin-morning… and I’m at my brother’s house having a breakfast shot of Czech Cherry Brandy. We packed up met up with Jason at a Coney Island to lay a good base. From there, we met the majority of participants at Kart 2 Kart. That was a blast. (Photos Coming Soon.) 2 days later and I’m still sore as hell. A little advice… ask for seat pads… and put them on your sides.

A couple of hours later, we were off to
Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch (adding to the base) and a lot of drinks. 3 hours later and I’m really starting to feel it. We head out to Dave & Busters.

More booze… a lot of racing games (Daytona USA, F355 Challenge) some sad DDR action, and a lot more booze. Ouch. There were some surreal moments involving D&B employees, but otherwise it was great. A few hours of screwing around, then dinner. I’m doing great. Feeling no pain… until desert. (Thanks Chris…) 2 double shots of Jager, a Jagerbomb (shot of Jager with a Redbull chaser), and a glass of Maker’s Mark. Knowing there was now a chance that things could get nasty, we headed off to the Htoel (200 yards from D&B’s).

I was downright silly drunk. We hung out, talked, and watched a little Rocky on the tube. Around midnight, most everyone was ready to nod off. Much of the crowd went home, my dad went to one of the rooms to sleep. Christian, Otis, and I stuck around for a bit longer. A couple more showed up after attending a wedding. Christian passed out, the rest of us stayed up and BS-ed until about 5:30. My body shut down, and I passed out too.

I woke up a little before 8am (less than 3 hours of sleep for those that don’t like doing the math). Tired, and sore from the kart racing, but otherwise fine. Amazing… I didn’t puke. We went downstairs to get our “buffet breakfast” (more like a table with cereal and muffins on it) then the survivors all headed home.

I had a great time. Thanks to everyone that come out. This was exactly what I hoped for. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

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