August 13th, 2003:
Ben’s going-away party. Woodward nightmare cruise…

This past Tuesday was Ben’s going-away party at the Brown Jug in Ann Arbor. A lot of good people were there… as well as Dark Cube. Ben got silly drunk, followed by silly sick. I quote Rob: “That’s a lotta vomit…” Ben has recovered and we all wish him the best in NY. I for one will miss his company on a regular basis. Ben is an honestly good person… something that has become a bit of a rarity.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is this weekend. I’m very glad I don’t live near it any more. It was cool for a few years, but it has become increasingly corporate. The cops are jackasses, and the crowd is ignorant. There are still more minivans and SUVs making the circuit than hotrods… mostly since all of the tuned-up cars are prone to overheat in the stop-and-go traffic. I’ll be nowhere near Woodward Ave. this weekend… I’ll be upgrading the brakes on my WRX instead.

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