July 13th, 2003:
InfoWorld likes Macs… and we go camping. No connection.

Am I crazy or is InfoWorld becoming a lot more Mac-friendly? Nearly every week, Tom Yager‘s column oozes praise for my platform of choice. I can’t say I disagree, recent experience with anything Apple has been enlightening, to say the least.

Gina and I went camping with her parents this weekend. We had a ton of fun. A little rain, a little thunder, but our mega-tent kept us dry. I met my “sucking at miniature golf” quota for the summer. Kacey had a lot of fun, but chewed up a set up blinds in Gina’s parent’s camper. We’ll take care of that ASAP, btw. Next step is to restore the pop-up camper that my parents are giving to us.

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