May 12th, 2003:
Upgrades to WRX. We learn to dance.

Well, I finally put lighter wheels and stickier tires on my WRX. Me likey. The extra roll and understeer found under strong cornering has disappeared. (The OEM WRX sedan swaybar I installed earlier probably helps.) Although, the car seems to require a little more involved steering input at times. I hope to participate in an upcoming Solo II (autocross) event. Since the weather has not been cooperating, there have been no trips to Milan this season. Maybe I can make 1 or 2 this year…

Gina and I have been attending dance lessons. I’d like to take a moment to emphasize that I’m not gay. Not that anything is wrong with that. I’m just not. However, I think I like dancing… or at least I like dancing with Gina. Hmmm… probably the later.

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