April 24th, 2003:
Coworkers go to Vegas. I don’t… I see Matrix: Reloaded preview… they don’t.

Many co-workers are in Vegas today through Sunday as a reward for a record month. It was optional. I didn’t feel like going. Oh well… as a result, it’s more than boring today at work.

Yesterday I went to an “empowerment” seminar. For the first hour, all I could think of was the “power animal” sequences in Fight Club. However, as the seminar progressed, I found it very useful. Suprisingly, it wasn’t bullshit. A lot of it could be applied to social engineering, as well as to improving life in general. Who would have known?

They just gave out a few advanced screening invitation to the remaining non-Vegas people. Which screening, you ask? Non other than The Matrix: Reloaded. Life is good.

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