March 14th, 2003:
I fry my monitor. Co-worker fries her SUV.

My digital CRT fried about a month ago. 3 weeks ago, I won an eBay auction for a replacement. It finally arrived today. The official celebration will start when I inspect it for damage and make sure it powers up. Update: The monitor is in several pieces and has to be degaussed badly. I guess my feedback for this auction will be less than positive.

The weather was attrocious this morning. I shouldn’t be suprised by this after 27 Michigan winters. However this morning it was really bad. A woman at work drove on the expressway in four-wheel-drive low. Apparently, this overheated her drivetrain and toasted her starter… which, in turn, burst into flames once she came to a stop. Driving in the snow for 45 minutes (normally a 15 minute drive) was worth it, just for that.

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