February 4th, 2003:
Monitor still dead. At work, pushing to prod.

Still no luck with my monitor. There’s no fuse to be found inside. I’ll plug it in and try it again. I’m guessing it’s a gonner. Anybody know where I can get an Apple monitor with an ADC (Apple Display Connector)? Let me know. We’re still in the middle of a production push at work. It’s started at 3 am. It was supposed to be done at least 2 hours ago. The difference between frontend and backend developers is that people see it when frontend developers screw up. When a backend developer botches their code, it can run for days without any real indication of the error, then, all of a sudden… poof… site’s down. (Or like today, it takes an hour to start each instance of the application.) It probably doesn’t help that our developers have little time to code, let alone test. Eventually this is going to catch up with us and bite us on the ass.

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